Meet The Team

Meet our team of professional matchmakers

April Ashby - Head Matchmaker

April is Head Matchmaker and is based in London.  She is quadrilingual (English French, Spanish and German) and comes from an international background, having lived and worked in London, Paris, Johannesburg, Sydney, Dubai and Shanghai.  She is a professional matchmaker accustomed to working with high profile clients in our London dating agency and worldwide.  Our clients appreciate her commitment to them and her personal and dedicated approach.

Kristina King - Matchmaker

Kristina has been a professional matchmaker for around 6 years and really enjoys finding people their perfect partner.  She previously worked as a fashion stylist in TV but after a while, didn’t find this challenging enough and wanted to venture into a role where she could make positive changes to people’s lives and found the opportunity to do this as a matchmaker.  She loves meeting new people,  finding out about them and she has a natural talent in connecting people.

Juliet Brown - Matchmaker

Juliet has a genuine interest in people, their stories and their backgrounds and this motivated her to read Psychology at university – specialising in romantic relationships. With a warm, friendly demeanour and upbeat attitude, Juliet is passionate about helping clients find their ultimate life partner.

When she is not matchmaking, you will find Juliet sailing or eating her way around London. She is an adventurous spirit and loves encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone especially with regard to relationships.

Emily Ashby Matchmaker

Emily Ashby - Matchmaker and Events Manager

After having spent her whole educational life in international schools, Emily found true love herself in Shanghai.  She is totally familiar with international dating, having spent the past 3 years going back and forth to the United States.  Her social and networking skills as a professional matchmaker combined with her organisational abilities make her the ideal person to find bespoke matches for our national and international clients.  

James Preece - Dating Guru

James is one of the UK’s leading Dating Experts and Dating Coaches. He has been working in the industry for over sixteen years and has worked for many different dating brands and companies.

He has helped 1000s of singles all over the world find love and improve their relationships.

He is a regularly featured expert in international media and is the author of the Amazon bestseller “I will Make You Click!”

Faisal Khokhar - Men's Dating Coach

Faisal Khokhar a former tech geek, turned successful International Men’s Charisma Coach and Speaker, has trained thousands of individuals, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

He specialises in enabling men to become unshakably confident, super attractive and instil masculine charisma that magnetically captivates women, creates memorable dates and meaningful relationships while earning them deep respect.

Faisal is also the father of two boys and loves the great outdoors as well as cycling, water sports and socialising. Travel, plants and motoring are also among his passions.

If you want to overcome dating anxiety, common frustrations, or want to sharpen your ability to make an impression, then we can introduce you to Faisal.

Dr. Keith Hearne - Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

Dr. Hearne is an English psychologist with a Doctorate in Psychology (PhD).  He gained fame for having conducted the world’s first sleep-lab research into ‘Lucid’ Dreams for his PhD, and he also invented the world’s first ‘dream machine’.  He is also an author and a trainer in hypnotherapy. 

Dr. Hearne uses a variety of tried and tested profiling methods to help match potential partners.  He can provide personal hypnotherapy to help clients overcome issues which might have affected a previous relationship and could affect a future relationship growing.