These are some of the many testimonials we have received from past clients....

Happy news from a past client …..

“Hi Caroline, you might not remember me as it has been over 2 years since we last spoke, but I was talking about how R and I met the other day and wanted to update you. 

We moved to the US and got married a year ago with just close family as witnesses.  Honestly, I couldn’t be happier but if you’d told me back when we first met in Canary Wharf I’d be married and living in the States in a few years, I never would have believed you! Thanks again.”

David, 40 …..

“We’re so happy to update you that Annabelle is going to be a big sister as Marta is pregnant again. I can’t quite believe it was 2012 that you introduced us both – where has time gone?  We are so happy and it’s all thanks to you.” 

Andrew, 36 …..

“Andrea and I are going strong – thank you. I met her family last week and did my best to charm what could be the future in-laws. I’ve been invited back so looks like it worked!”

Alex & Sarah …..

“I wanted to let you know I proposed to Sarah a few weeks back and she said yes. Never been more terrified in my life!”

Sarah, 36 …..


“It was our 1 year anniversary last week and Neil surprised me with a weekend away to Venice.  We had an incredible time and he popped the question (not THAT question!) and asked me to move in!”

Camilla, 33 …..


“We had our 5th date last night and I would like to put my membership on hold please as we’ve decided neither of us want to see anyone else and we’re now officially in a relationship!”

Another engagement!


Hi April,

As L has probably told you already, it is going so well between she and I.  Thank you so much for introducing us!  We recently had a break to Croatia together and I thought I would update you with the good news that we got engaged a week ago!

A Mutual  Attraction baby!

Congratulations S&R on the birth of your beautiful baby boy; we couldn’t be happier for you both as you become parents!