Dating advice

Dating Advice to help you on your matchmaking journey

We all know that dating can be frustrating, exhausting and time consuming no matter where you live or where you are from.  There are so many extremely eligible single men and women ready and looking for a romantic relationship  but without success.  Our matchmakers are here to give you dating advice that actually works so you can find love and form a healthy long term relationship.  

Here are some tips to help you get through your first date and the ones to come.

Arrive on time


Treat your date as if you were catching the train to an important work meeting.  Plan to arrive a little bit early so you don’t keep your date waiting.


All women want to look perfect before they leave the building, checking their hair and makeup a dozen times over, which in turn sometimes means they arrive late for a date.  Your date would prefer you to turn up on time rather than marvel at your shade of lipstick!

Choose your attire carefully


Women can be particularly circumspect about what a gentleman is wearing on the first date.  Bear in mind where you are intending to meet and dress accordingly.  Pay particular attention to your shoes as they will be noticed and for some women, this can be a make or break to a second date.


The 3 rules on a first date for a women are not too much makeup, not too much cleavage and heels that are not too high.  No man wants to look short on a first date!  Remember that you only get one first impression and you want it to be the best one.

A drink, not dinner

For a first date, it is best to play it safe and go for a coffee or drink rather than dinner. That way, should things not go as planned, you don’t have to wait until after dessert has been served to leave.  Once your first date is out of the way and you have already learned a little bit about your date, you can confidently choose an appropriate dinner venue to suit you both for the next time.

To achieve real success in dating, you need to put both time and effort not only into your first date but the ones that follow. 

When you become one of our clients, we work with you to ensure your dating success by giving advice before dates and feedback afterwards and we continue to do this for the entirety of your membership.

If you are seriously seeking a long term relationship, please do get in touch with our matchmaking team.