The 8 warning signs your online date is bad news

LOVE BLIND The 8 warning signs that your online date is bad news… and how to avoid them.

YOU’VE swiped right, made a match and after that awkward small talk, this person could be ‘the one’.

But before you’re metaphorically walking down the aisle with Mr Online you might need to rethink the mental life plans you’ve already.

Here’s the eight easy signs that you may need to think twice…

1. They don’t message you back for days

It’s back and forth constantly, you’re being hilarious, the banter is ‘lit’ and then, radio silence. Cheers mate.

Still, while they’re entitled to leave you hanging while they do their washing/live their own life, being on and off for days at a time could indicate a power complex that you don’t want to be part of.

“This is a classic benching move,” says dating expert Caroline Brealey from matchmaking service Mutual Attraction.

“It’s when someone keeps potential dates interested – ‘on the bench’ – so they can sub them in if they’re lonely or their first option doesn’t work out.”

Solution: Spot the behaviour early on, bring it up with them politely and wait for their response.

An honest reason? Consider it, but if they’re still acting that way a week later, say goodbye.

2. They send mixed signals

From gaslighting to lovebombing (Hello Adam Collard, we’re looking at you) they come on strong, then retreat or they keep talking about taking you out, but never actually get round to doing it. “If you really like someone, you’ll find time to see them within a fortnight,” adds Caroline.

Solution: If you’re looking for something more than a bit of fun, being upfront about it is the easiest way. It helps everyone be clear and you get the answer you need.

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April Ashby, Head Matchmaker, comments “Perhaps the best way to avoid these situations is to use a professional matchmaker”.

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