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Are you a single professional struggling to meet someone special? Read on for some simple tips for finding love....

Are you a single professional struggling to meet someone special? Read on for some simple tips for finding love

If you’re a busy professional it can be difficult to make time for your friends, family and hobbies – let alone the dating scene. Maintaining a successful career often goes hand-in-hand with long hours, international travel, and taking your work home at the end of the day. With all that to contend with, the prospect of finding love might seem unlikely.

Here’s the good news – modern dating is a lot simpler than it used to be. Back in the day we may have relied on meeting other singletons at social occasions or getting our friends to set us up on blind dates, but today we can skip a lot of the hard work. 

Our main piece of advice? Don’t shy away from using online dating sites and professional matchmaking services.


If online dating doesn’t work out, try a professional matchmaker or dating agency

As we’ve already said, online dating is the go-to dating style for modern professionals – but it doesn’t always work for everyone. The good news is that there’s another service you can try that won’t encroach on your working life: a professional dating agency.

As with online dating, professional matchmaking has come a long way since its early days. Today, services such as Mutual Attraction ….. are being lauded for their exceptional results. Typically these services offer an initial consultation, after which your matchmaker begins the process of looking for matches and setting up dates. Often these services offer one-on-one coaching, with your personal matchmaker on hand to chat and give advice before dates.

Matchmaking services are often used by high-net-worth individuals looking for a discreet way to seek romance, or wealthy entrepreneurs who don’t have time to arrange their own dates. Because the process is fairly in-depth the associated rates can be fairly high, but for professionals making a good salary it can be a fantastic option.

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