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For some, discovering love seems to come easy, but, for many of today’s singles, navigating the modern dating scene can be daunting. Matchmaker Caroline Brealey found this to be the case before she found her Mr. Right.

She was a young, eligible, professional woman, but she wasn’t meeting anyone new outside of her workplace. She kept seeing the same old profiles popping up on the dating apps and sites she was using. That’s when she decided to change the way singles were connecting in the world and launched the London-based introduction agency Mutual Attraction.

“When I launched Mutual Attraction, I was single myself and seriously fed up with dating,” she said, “[and] dating events weren’t my thing. Sound familiar?”

So Caroline took matters into her own hands. She wanted to create a place for people who were happy in their lives and were looking for the same in a partner. Her brainchild, Mutual Attraction, was meant to be the dating agency for people who don’t use dating agencies. The aim was to help people find their soul mates with a tailored approach that puts them face to face with potential matches.

And it’s this one-size-doesn’t-fit-all philosophy that sets Caroline and Mutual Attraction apart from the pack.

“I don’t believe there are set rules in dating,” Caroline said. “Ask any couple and their journey to being together will be totally different than the next couple’s. Because of that, I’m always conscious not to say ‘do this, and don’t do that.’”

A Niche Matchmaking Agency Focused on Personalized Service

Mutual Attraction, which attracts single, professional Londoners looking for serious relationships, prides itself on its personalized client services. Focusing on singles in the early-30s to mid-50s age range, Mutual Attraction’s team of matchmakers helps singles find others who are looking to form a meaningful relationship.

Matchmakers take on no more than 30 clients to ensure they can provide the focused attention necessary to find a match. These professionals often specialize in specific niches, including helping those with a desire for marriage or children.

The methodology is based on a friendship-like approach, and matchmakers often grab a coffee to catch up with their clients and understand where they’re at in their lives. Success rates are high but depend on how involved clients are.

“In terms of successes, we’ve had marriages, babies, and a lot of relationships,” Caroline said. “But we always say it’s not really down to us — the client gets back what they put in.”

Caroline told us more than 70% of the clients who turn to Mutual Attraction walk away in a healthy, happy relationship. And this number directly correlates to the percentage of clients bent on finding the right person.

“You have to embrace it and throw yourself into the service totally,” Caroline said. “My motto is ‘Always meet everyone!’”

The process begins with a quick chat on the phone to just say hello and introduce each other. The next step is a coffee consultation, which Caroline said is her favourite part of the job.

“We chat about the service and get to know a bit about them – how they live their lives, what makes them tick, what’s important for them in a relationship and partner,” she said. “If we can help them, and they’re keen to join, we get the ball rolling.”

Once clients are ready to move forward, they have another meeting with their matchmaker to dive deeper into their personal wants and desires. Mutual Attraction also has a photoshoot and holds a coaching session to be sure clients’ physical and mental games are top-notch. This, Caroline said, puts them in the best possible place to really meet someone special.

After this, the matchmaking finally starts. While each client has a dedicated matchmaker, the entire Mutual Attraction team weighs in on matches. After the right person is found, matchmakers stay in contact with clients to find out when the date is and to give some last-minute advice. After the date, matchmakers check in with the client and their match to see how it went. They also encourage second and third dates because it does take people a little bit of time to warm up. Once the Mutual Attraction team started implementing this process, success rates soared.

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