‘I’m a dating expert in London and these are the clothes you should wear on a first date to impress’

'I'm a dating expert in London and these are the clothes you should wear on a first date to impress'

A dating expert has revealed all the dos and don’ts when it comes to what to wear on a first date. Issuing advise to men and women, the fashion know-it-all had her say on what works and what is “doomed” to fail.

Mutual Attraction is a London-based dating agency that launched back in 2012. Priding themselves on being match-making experts, they are in a good position to advise on how to impress on a first date.

For those that have seen enough of swiping, Mutual Attraction prides itself on getting to know people away from the screen. Head Matchmaker April Ashby started the company because she wanted to meet people who were happy in their lives and ready to meet someone on a similar path and wavelength. Now April herself has given inside info to MyLondon as to what to wear to make a good impression. For Men hoping to get a way with an Asos T-shirt, look away now.

April said: “A classic look for a guy on a first date is a smart shirt and trousers which can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a blazer. Turning up in a T-shirt with a loud slogan and/or wearing flip-flops is a first date doomed to fail.”

The head matchmaker also revealed what she believed to be the best clothing options for women on a first date. April explained: “For a woman on a first date, a smart LBD (little black dress) never fails to impress but combine this with jewellery or accessories which show off who you are.” She added: “It is advisable not to choose a dress with a low neckline for a first date as you want a guy to look mainly at your face during the date!”

There you have it, top clothing tips from the head matchmaker herself. Flip-flops firmly placed back in the drawer.

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