How are we getting married in 2021

We were interested to read this article in Tatler about the latest trends of the wedding season ….

With the vaccine currently being rolled out, an estimated 400,000 weddings in the UK are to take place this year, according to It also reported that there was a 15 per cent increase in the number of engagements over last Christmas (the most popular time of year for proposals) as well as a five per cent increase in the number of guests that couples are adding to their guest-lists. All this, says Hamish Shepherd, founder of the app, is an indication that weddings are going to be bigger and better than ever before.

From the opulent femininity of Bridgerton through to a heightened awareness of sustainability, leading industry experts share how the pandemic has carved out the 2021 wedding trends.


Tatler Travel Editor Delilah Khomo says there are two outlooks towards honeymoon travel for 2021. ‘ Some people will be holding out for the classic take on honeymoons wanting that once in a lifetime dream break such as the Maldives or Seychelles, but there’ll be others who will approach it in line with the current scaled back wedding approach. They may therefore go to a dreamy not so far flung UK or European destination such as the Amalfi Coast for two or three nights and then hire an Italian villa for the rest of their break to include family and friends, making up for lost time.’ Oli Dannatt, founder and CEO of new super luxury travel company, WeAreHush, adds that while we wait for consumer confidence to return within the travel industry, mini-moons have increased in popularity, giving couples the chance to get away.


Celebrity photographer Holly Clark points out that intimate weddings mean your photographer will be more present than ever so it’s important you love their character as much as their approach, their eye for the small ‘moments-in-between’ and their ability to capture the atmosphere. Pre-pandemic there was a trend for the ‘candid only’ photography without placing much importance or giving time to family portraits. ‘I think going forward my clients will see the heirloom significance of these photographs once again now precious moments are even more precious.’

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